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An anonymous donor is contributing up to $25,000 to match your donation.
Match Ratio 1:1
Minimum Matched $25
Maximum Matched $2,000

With your generous gift and the matching gift, your contribution will go twice as far to enable COMOM to provide oral healthcare services to individuals in dental need.

Thank you for donating!

Why Donate to COMOM?

All donations help further the work of COMOM by making a financial, tax deducible contribution.

Free Annual Clinics

Provide Free Annual Clinics

COMOM combines the donated services of hundreds of dental professionals and volunteers to provide free annual dental clinics in Colorado.

Help Comom

Help COMOM Serve Those In Need

COMOM has served thousands of patients and provided millions of dollars in donated dental treatment.

Improve Quality of Life

Improve Quality of Life

Many individuals are unable to afford dental care. Oral disease can affect the ability to eat, and how a person looks and communicates. Oral health is inseparable from general health, and can affect self-esteem and compromise a person’s ability to work at home, at school, or on the job.

Continue Free Dental Care

Continue Free Dental Care

COMOM is dependent on grants and donations. Since COMOM patients are not charged for the dental services they receive, ongoing financial support is a great need.

COMOM is a 501(c)3 Organization

COMOM is a 501(c)3 Organization

COMOM is a 501(c)3 organization.  For additional information, contact: Pam Dinkfelt, Ph.D., at or 720-626-9778.

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