2018 Patients

The Colorado Mission of Mercy (COMOM) is a large-scale dental clinic in which dental treatment is provided at no cost to individuals who cannot afford dental care.  



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Friday, November 2, and Saturday, November 3, 2018




Clinic Location

Event Center – Island Grove Regional Park

501 N 14th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80631


Who should come to COMOM?

  • Adults and children

  • No questions asked

When to Come

  • Early!  You can line-up night before clinic

  • WARM inside shelter while waiting

  • Clinic doors open at 6:00 am

  • Doors open until clinic is at capacity

  • Capacity is reached early in day

  • No appointments

  • First come – First served

What to Expect

  • Approximately 800 patients will be seen each day at the dental clinic.

  • Doors will be open at 6 am and will remain open until the clinic is at full capacity.

  • Sometimes the clinic is at capacity by mid-morning.

  • Dental treatment will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • You will be waiting your turn to be treated and the wait may be long.

  • As dentists and dental hygienists become available, you will be taken to areas of the dental clinic for dental treatment.

  • Your treatment plan will be prioritized, and initially you’ll be provided with your first priority treatment.

  • During the dental clinic you will be provided with instruction on how to care for your teeth.

  • Upon completing your dental care, you will be asked to participate in an exit interview.

  • If there is availability after your first prioritized treatment, you’ll have an opportunity to have another treatment.

  • Bilingual volunteers will be available throughout the clinic to assist non-English speaking patients.

Dental Services Provided

  • Cleanings

  • Fillings

  • Root canals

  • Temporary dental appliances for front teeth (flippers)

  • Extractions

Dental Services Not Provided

  • COMOM is unable to provide its patients with extractions of wisdom teeth, tooth implants, nor root canal treatment of molars

  •  Patients on Coumadin- or Fosamax-type medications cannot have extractions.

  •  Patients with high blood pressure or high glucose levels will not be able to be treated at COMOM.

What to Bring

  • Wait to be seen by a dentists and dental hygienists can be very long.

  • Bring items such as books, magazines, crossword puzzles to help pass the time.

  • PLEASE also bring water, food and snacks.  Onsite snacks will be very limited.

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